Replacement Refrigerator Filters for UKF8001

Product Description


How To Install The UKF8001 Filter:

  1. Remove old filter cartridge by grasping and gently turning counterclockwise until it releases from the filter head
  2. Insert new filter into filter head and rotate clockwise until the filter stops.  Close the filter cover
  3. Run water continuously through dispenser for 4 gallons (approximately 5 minutes) until water runs steady and sputtering stops.  NOTE: during initial use allow about a 1-2 minute delay in water dispersal to allow internal water tank to fill
  4. Reset water filter change notification by following instructions in owners manual


The filters below are 100% compatible with part number UKF8001

Product Comparison

Marvel at the specifications of our UKF8001 compatible filters.

"Both the OEM Maytag and the aftermarket EcoAqua replacement filters are excellent at reducing and removing contaminants like dirt, chlorine, chemicals and minerals found in your water supply. The OEM Maytag replacement has been tested and certified to meet both NSF/ANSI Standard 42 and Standard 53. This means that the filter has been put through scrutinous tests to certify that it truly reduces chlorine and removes other unwanted impurities in your water. The EcoAqua replacement has very similar characteristics to the OEM, like filtering capacity, but it comes in at a much lower price. The primary difference between the OEM and aftermarket filter is the price and NSF/ANSI Standard certifications, though some non-NSF/ANSI rated filters are still constructed from NSF/ANSI rated parts. However, we still recommend the aftermarket EcoAqua replacement filter due to it's affordable price and comparable filtration to the OEM."

The Difference

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  • 100% Compatibility Guarantee
  • Made With Care in Indiana USA
Seems a great replacement for the $48 filter in the stores. 3 filters for the price of one and a half in the store. No Brainer. This is our second set and we were so happy with the first set that we bought another set.
- Gregg C.
Shipping was quick. Installation was exactly the same as the filters that are three times the price. Water tastes great. I have found these filters to be equivalent in every way and am very happy with my purchase. We are on a city well with heavy limescal
- William F.